Remaining TFC Transportation Bonus Funds to be Split Evenly in Lakewood Pro and ACCEL Sportsman

As an incentive for Lakewood Pro and ACCEL Sportsman drivers during the ’13 season, Gene Lampshire announced that TFC Transportation, the expediting company he runs with his son, Dave Lampshire, would pay $100 to any driver who accomplished a perfect reaction time and ran right on their dial-in with a zero at a points race, and if that did not occur, the money would be rolled over to the next points race, with leftover money earmarked for an end-of-the-season prize fund.

In Lakewood Pro, Joe Oswald earned $1,000 for being spot-on at the line and at the stripe during Night Under Fire, and the remaining $300 will be split equally among the drivers who finished in sixth through tenth place, with each of them receiving $60.

In ACCEL Sportsman, while drivers were oh-so-close, no perfect packages were recorded, so the full $1,300 will be divided equally and each of the top ten drivers will receive $130.

“In a non-electronics class, it’s very difficult and pretty rare to run a perfect package, so we wanted to reward racers who were able to do so,” said Gene Lampshire, who races in ACCEL Sportsman with his brothers Kevin, Steve, George and his son, Dave, who are supported in their efforts – and accompanied around track campfires - by their wives Mickie, Debbie, Kim, Becky and Debbie. “It was really nice to see Joe Oswald earn the money at Night Under Fire, especially since he was racing well into the next morning.”

- Mary Lendzion

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