7 Racers Crowned Track Champions

Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster Program presented by Wiseco Pistons started the Mr. Gasket Super Series Championship Event.

In the Advanced category, both the #1 (Scott Chitty) and #2 (Dylan Northup) point leaders lost in the first round of competition.  Normally, this would have been devastating for a point’s leader.  However, this was not the case for Chitty.  He came into the event with 21 points and a feature win, just one point ahead of Northup.  Since Northup also lost in the first round, the next closest competitors were Nina Jacob and Jaedan Durst, but they were 6 points back and there were not enough rounds to challenge his lead.  Therefore, losing first round was easy for Chitty to swallow.  Alexa Hurst and her Dad, Gary, in the Winner's Circle July 13th

Jaedan Durst went the distance today.  In the final, he met up with last year’s class champion, Heather Saalman. Durst left first and had a better light against Saalman.  She had to chase him down the track, which ultimately caused her to breakout.  Not only did Durst win today’s event, he moved up two positions.  The feature win breaks the tie for second place with Northup.  

The Intermediate race wasn’t decided until the semi-final round, but the only person stopping Steven Crowell from taking all the spoils, was Aubry Collins.  Crowell began the day in second place, just two points behind the point’s leader Zac Gill.  When Gill was defeated in the second round, his path towards victory and winning the championship became a little less congested that is until he met Collins in the final.  

When it comes to final round appearances, Crowell is the veteran.  Just this season alone he had been to four finals and was the victor in one of those battles. Collins on the other hand, had never seen a final round appearance in her short racing career.  Normally, experience prevails, but not in this case.  Collins faced her competitor head on.  She lined up against Crowell having the slower dial-in.  The tree drops and she cuts a better light and there was no stopping her.  She takes the stripe having a .0464 margin of victory over Crowell.   This defeat didn’t hurt Crowell in the least bit, as he was still able to capture his second Championship Title in just three years, with his first in 2011 in the Novice ranks.  

The Novice Class has been a tight battle all season long between Allyson Downs and Alexa Hurst.  Between these two young ladies, out of nine races this season, one or both of them were in six of the finals, each having two feature wins.  Anyone lining up against one of these two racers, knew they had their hands full.  Ava Lawson didn’t let their records frighten her in the least bit.   When Lawson entered today’s competition she was seated in the 8th place and she had her work cut out for her.  Everyone she faced was ranked higher in the points and all had feature wins.

In the first round of competition, Lawson defeated Bryce Buehrer (5).  In the second round, she met up with Downs’ nemesis, Alexa Hurst (2).  When Hurst breaks out, this sealed the Championship for Downs.  But that didn’t seal the deal for another victory.  Lawson draws the bye in the semi finals to face off against Downs.  On paper, experience would dictate that Downs had the advantage, but since races are not contested on paper these two had to battle it out on the dragstrip.  Lawson left first and had a horrible light when compared to Downs .140 reaction time.  But in the end, Downs was off pace and couldn’t run her dial-in, and Lawson takes the win.  

The adult program of the Mr. Gasket Super Series, started with an upset in the first round of Mr. Gasket Pro, as the number one (Joe Oswald) and number two (Kevin Chess) point leaders were both defeated in the first round of competition.  At this point, it became a dog fight between Wes Buckley (3), Steve Obertanec (6) , Nick Hastings (7) and AJ Buchanan (9).  The championship was not decided until the semi-finals when Rick Baehr defeated Hastings.  Buckley breaks a three-way tied between Joe Oswald and Nick Hastings by having two feature wins along with his 25 points.

The final round of eliminations saw Matt Obertanec beating Baehr on a double breakout.  

There was no drama in Wiseco/Cycle Tech Superbike, as the season championship was finalized in the first round of competition.  Rick Poole came into todays race with 25 points, a 4-point lead over Kevin Adams.  Adams (2), Craig Adams (3), Gary Godwin(5) and Rick McWaters (7) all lost in the first round.  At this point, Poole’s lead was substantial enough no one could dethrone the Champ.  

However, tonight’s final saw a rarity as a father and son dueled for the victory.  David Liguori defeated Ted Harvey, Perry Paugh (6), Mike Chongris (20), Bart McGee Sr (26) before lining up against his dad Darren Liguori.   Darren Liguori path to the final looked like this.  First he defeated Craig Adams (3), then Bart McGee Jr (30) and Paul Samora (tied 15) before taking Tom McGowan in the semi-finals.  In the final, David dialed an 8.54 to his dad’s 8.60.  Darren left first and had a horrible light (.113) to David’s (.052) and it just got ugly from there, as Darren was not able to run the number.  David takes the stripe with a margin of victory of .1498 by running an 8.599 ET.    

Like the super bike championship, the championship race for Mallory Super Pro was decided early in the competition.  Randy Scheuer Jr started the evening with a 3- point lead over Scott Sill.  At the end of round #1, Nicholous Akoury (3), teammate Chris Bear (5) and Eric Manuel (6) all were defeated.  In the second round, the only threat Scheuer Jr.  had was between Scott Sill (2) and Barney Barnhart (4) but both of them lost in the second round of competition.  From there, the nearest competitors to even challenge Scheuer Jr. were Justin Vickers (7) and Kirby McLennan (8) but they were 8 points behind him.  At this point in the game there just were not enough rounds left in competition for either of them to take over the lead.  Therefore, Scheuer Jr was announced the class champion.  

Starting the evening in Mallory Super Pro, John Boes was 20th in the points.  Therefore, going into this race, he had nothing to lose, but everything to gain.  Boes took out two of the top 10 points leaders before meeting up with Ronald Zeller in the final.  Again, we saw a double breakout with Boes defeating Zeller.  

Going into the Mr. Gasket Championship event, James Ring was leading Accel Sportsman delivered on time by TFC Transportation by 2 rounds over reigning champ Joe Childs.  But it just wasn't in the cards, as Ring is defeated in the first round by Lucas Buckley (5).  Buckley wins on a double break-out, as Ring is late off the tree and tries to make it up at the other end, but can not do it.

The real battle of the evening was between Joe Childs (2) and Katrina Moss (3).  Moss gave it her all and it came down to the final round of the evening.  But veteran Pat Brumbaugh stole her thunder by defeating her in the final as Moss was a bit anxious and broke out.  Had she won, the outcome was still the same, as Childs had wrapped up the repeat championship in the semi finals by scoring 31 points over the season and capturing 2 feature wins.

Points for all classes will be tabulated and posted by Tuesday of the coming week.  For final round results, click here



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