We Have a Winner!

After 10 races, we finally have a racer to accomplish one of the most difficult tasks in drag racing, a perfect run!  What is a perfect run you might ask?  A perfect run starts from the moment the tree drops and how the racer reacts to lights, and ends at the finish line when the racer runs his/her predicted dial-in dead-on with a zero.

TFC Transportation has been eagerly waiting to reward a racer in Mr. Gasket Pro and Accel Sportsman with a "Delivered on Time" cash bonus that started out at $100.  Since no one has accomplished this task in either class, the $100 bonus rolls over to the next race, and the next until someone breaks the streak.  After 10 races, the bonus had grown to $1,000!  Joe Oswald Mr. Gasket Pro racer

So…who accomplished the impossible?  None other than perennial Mr. Gasket Pro Racer Joe Oswald!  During the fourth round of a marathon event, the Auto Plus Night Under Fire presented by Kelly Services, Oswald pulled up to the line with a dial-in at 9.72. 

Oswald currently stands in third place in the Mr. Gasket Pro Points series.  Only two points separates him from the leader Wes BuckleyBuckley and Brian Cireddu better keep their eyes on this quiet man!

So who will be our next "Delivered On Time" by TFC Transportation bonus winner?

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