Manufacturer of the Year: AkzoNobel!

NORWALK, Ohio -- To maintain excellence, Summit Motorsports Park associates with manufacturers who set high standards. This award spotlights a manufacturing company who outperformed their peers in 2012.

Our Manufacturer of the Year employs almost sixty thousand people around the world.

Their products are found in aerospace, yachts, bathtubs, sports cars, fishing rods, wood adhesives, fire protection, and food, to name a few.

Color matters to this company, which is an innovator in paint and painting applications.

They found us, and they believe one-hundred percent in Summit Motorsports Park.

Our Manufacturer of the Year serves as title sponsor for a newly re-emerging event in July.

This company aggressively took hold of the Blue Suede Cruise and made it a centerpiece of their marketing.

As a result of their efforts, new business joined hands at the racetrack.

Sharing plans and coordination of event details, they supplied worthwhile suggestions, ideas and financial support to prompt the Blue Suede Cruise to grow.

They solicited, secured and activated third party marketing partners, organized a manufacturers’ midway, hosted rodder clinics, spotlighted a car show, and welcomed Wanda Booth visitors into a hospitality tent.

Also, to further a fun festival feel they decorated a Wanda Diner and served Wanda Burgers.

On the race track, their Wanda Challenge offered bonus money, and "old school" flag start drag racing.

Since the person who spearheads all of this takes ownership when he’s involved, we think he may be a closet promoter? And we’re grateful.

The 2012 Manufacturer of the Year is AkzoNobel. Here to accept the award is Mark Rapson, commercial trade manager for Akzo North America.

Discover more about AkzoNobel on the Web at, and about Wanda Refinish at

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