Garry Fleenor won the R&R Auto Body Paint My Ride program at Summit Motorsports Park

NORWALK, Ohio -- Garry Fleenor adopted a similar approach to a new paint job on his dragster as televised home makeover shows.

Courtesy of the R&R Auto Body Paint My Ride program at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, Garry Fleenor trusted the project to the discretion of Dave Roemer and R&R Auto Body.

“It is basically a surprise to me, too,” Garry Fleenor said. “I’m very difficult. I have a hard time making decisions on things like this paint job.”

Garry won the R&R Auto Body Paint My Ride program because of his Finish Line Club membership and competition in the Mr. Gasket $50,000 Super Series.

To win a custom paint job, a racer receives a score based on reaction time and dial-in compared with elapsed time to reward the best consistency and performance for the season.

This competition cuts through class and type of vehicle; all Finish Line Club members who complete at least 15 rounds are eligible. Garry hauled home the best score in 2012.

Once Garry Fleenor decided to allow R&R Auto Body to paint his ride, he struggled with the limitless combinations and choices.Garry Fleenor can't wait for the unveiling of his dragster. Neither can we! R&R Auto Body photo

“I have a hard time. Other family members liked pictures and things,” Garry Fleenor said.

The only sneak peek on Facebook pages for Fleenor Racing Transmissions and R&R Auto Body, shows Garry’s dragster with an aqua base coat.

This is the last photo before the unveiling at the Mr. Gasket Banquet of Champions January 25, 2013 at Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio.

Garry leaves most of the decision making to R&R Auto Body.

“I told them a few colors,” Garry Fleenor said. “I very much trust them with their ability. They’re very respectable. They can do a fantastic job.

“They have a nice shop, too,” Garry Fleenor said. “It’s a very busy place.”

The color scheming and painting process began when Dave Roemer from R&R Auto Body visited Garry Fleenor in the pits at the 2012 K&N Halloween Classic presented by Harland Sharp.

Garry Fleenor said a year earlier good things happened to him, too. So many beautiful dragsters...If you could choose any paint scheme, what would yours be?

Garry and his brother Jason drove home from work one night and a puppy ran out in front of them. They almost hit her.

But the two men gathered the puppy up and took her home.

Garry and his wife, Kim, ran ads in a newspaper, called the Humane Society and the Dog Warden, but nobody claimed her.

So Garry and Kim opened their home to the Labrador and coon hound mixed dog, and named her Paige.

“I told my wife if I won the Halloween Classic, I would put an invisible fence in for the dog,” Garry Fleenor said. “I won the Halloween Classic that year.”

After the good fortune, Garry Fleenor decided to share with fellow racers, too, by being a sponsor at Summit Motorsports Park.

This year Fleenor Racing Transmissions sponsors contingencies for people who run Fleenor torque converters and transmissions, Garry Fleenor said.

Also, Fleenor Racing Transmissions serves as a presenting sponsor for the 2013 Ten Grand Nationals, Garry Fleenor said.

To further prepare for the 2013 racing season, Garry gives his dragster a refreshing on the motor and transmission -- seals, rings, bearings and clutches.

“We have a pretty major project this year,” Garry Fleenor said.

Meanwhile at the shop at R&R Auto Body, Dave Roemer said the dragster rolls out Friday morning for display at the Mr. Gasket Banquet of Champions at Kalahari Resorts in Sandusky, Ohio.

Garry Fleenor can’t wait.

“I’m going to be as surprised as anybody else.”

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