Quarter Mile Clothing Company

While at the drag strip, in addition to enjoying great racing, great food, you must visit our recently renovated 1000+ square foot upscale indoor pro shop!  The décor is something any race fan can appreciate.  We even have a full scale funny car body, that was actually on the funny car John Force drove at our 40th Anniversary celebration, hanging from the ceiling!

The Quarter Mile Clothing Company carries a selection of adult and youth apparel, hats, die casts, glassware, jewelry, bags and purses, sunglasses, kid’s novelty items and a variety of sundries.  

In 2016, we introduced our new exclusive ‘Quarter Mile Clothing Company’ clothing line of t-shirts and hats.  These products can only be purchased at the track!  

Summit Motorsports Park is not your typical drag strip and your shopping experience won’t be either!


A, B, C’s of Summit Motorsports Park

To better serve our guests with facts and information about our facility, the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page has been revamped and organized into the A, B, C’s of Summit Motorsports Park.


DA PARKING – We have a limited number of ADA spots, first come first serve, in Wilson’s Lot.  At select events, there will be a shuttle service to the ticket plaza (Gate C.  You must have a state issued ADA credential in order to park in this area.

If a wheelchair bound individual or someone who has difficulty walking needs to be dropped off, you may enter the Summit Gate driveway (just off State Route 18).  Just let the SMP team-member at the end of the driveway know and they will let you in.  The person driving then will go park in the respective lot and meet up with their party at Gate C.

ALCOHOL - The State of Ohio classifies Summit Motorsports Park in the same category as Cleveland Brown Stadium or Progressive Field; therefore, making it unlawful to bring alcohol onto our property.  For your convenience, the local Lion’s Club sells beer near the concession stands on both sides of the race track.

ANTHEM SINGERS - To submit your request to perform the National Anthem at Summit Motorsports Park, please send CD or DVD of you/your group performing the National Anthem to:  Summit Motorsports Park, Attn: Bobbie Bader, 1300 State Route 18, Norwalk OH 44857.

ATM -  The ATM Machine is located on the Budweiser (East) side of the track on the east side of the red building located under the grandstands.  Guests needing cash on the Summit (West) side can visit the Junction souvenir stand.

AUTOMOBILE ASSISTANCE – If your car breaks down or you locked your keys in your car, please contact either a parking or gate supervisor for assistance.

AUXILIARY VEHICLES (pertaining to the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals only) Handicap guests can bring in medical scooters, golf carts, bicycles etc. providing they follow these instructions for the bigger events.  Operators must be 16 years of age or older and have a valid driver’s license.  On arrival, we ask that you stop at WILL CALL, located at the GATE C entrance (west side of the track) and apply for a permit.  Proof of disability must be presented.  Acceptable proof is a state authorized ADA credential.

Guests staying in Scotty’s Campground can bring a golf cart up to Gate C, but are not permitted to take the vehicles through the gate.  They must also comply with the Motorhome rules on the amount of vehicles they can have on their space.  A golf car counts the same as a car.   Guests issued a permit will be provided with a letter and a copy of the guidelines for operating an auxiliary vehicle.  

Auxiliary vehicles must obey the same rules as pit vehicles (See Pit Vehicles).  Speed limit is restricted to 10 m.p.h.  No one under the age of 16 without a valid driver’s license is permitted to operate any motorized vehicle.  All vehicles MUST HAVE functioning headlight and taillight from dusk through dawn.  Flashlights do not qualify as a legal headlight or taillight. 


CAMPING – Racers are permitted to stay in their pit areas for no additional fee.  At select events, spectators are permitted to camp in one of the following areas, Trackside Electric, Trackside Non-electric, family camping and/or Scotty’s Campground.  For more information regarding camping, click here.

CREDIT CARDS – Summit Motorsports Park accepts VISA and Master Card at the gate entrances, Summit Motorsports Park concession stands (Throttle Town Grill, Junction and Beck’s, Summit Motorsports Park souvenir locations including the Quarter Mile Clothing Store, the Junction and Summit Motorsports Park souvenir tent(s).  

CONCESSION STANDS – We offer a wide variety of food and beverages all day long.  We serve burgers using only the highest quality Black Angus Beef, and are proud of our signature items such as homemade Stromboli, pizza and specialty burgers.

Throttle Town Grill is open at all events and is located on the Budweiser (East side) of the track.  When we are operating on both sides of the track, the Junction will be open and additional food wagons will also be available.

COOLERS – Coolers 14” or smaller are permitted.  Coolers, backpack, bags, etc. will be checked prior to admittance.  

CROSSTALK – Crosstalk is used in our Quick Time Super Pro (Box) and Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike (Box) classes.  We will also utilize crosstalk at any Summit Motorsports Park produced event where delay boxes are permitted.

ELECTRICAL OUTLETS & ELECTRICAL CORDS (BUDWEISER SIDE PIT AREA) – There are electrical boxes throughout the park for you, our guest, to use at no additional charge.  We ask that you DO NOT stretch cords across roads or overhead to plug into these outlets.  

ELECTRICAL OUTLETS (SUMMIT SIDE TRACK SIDE MOTORHOME) - These sites are available for rent at all major events, with the exception of the Halloween Classic.  These sites have been upgraded to 50 amp power service.  Please plan accordingly as we only have a limited supply of adapters for sale.

EJECTION – Summit Motorsports Park reserves the right to eject a guest whose behavior is disruptive, unruly, or illegal or not incompliance with our Code of Conduct (insert link).  The ticket will be revoked without refund, the individual will be escorted off Summit Motorsports Park property and the renewal rights will be forfeited.  

ELIMINATIONS – We will always publish two times for each race – when time trials begin; and when eliminations begin.  We strive very hard to start eliminations at the scheduled time.  Although sometimes things happen that push back the start, we maintain our schedule very closely.  When Eliminations begin, it is the responsibility of the driver to listen for class calls from the announcer.  We do not follow patterns!  Eventually, we will announce “round robin” mode, which means as long as you continue to win, come right back to the staging lanes.  “Cool and fuel” in the lanes as the announcer states!  


FIRES -  Campfires are permitted only in the grass areas (west side of the race track) and we encourage you to contain them with fire rings.  Be prepared to provide your own fire ring!  We do permit ‘chimney fire stands’ on the east side, but you are responsible for removing your ashes.

FIREWOOD – At select events, typically the events where camping is offered to our guests, individuals will come in at specific hours to sell firewood.  See gate staff or guest services for times.

FOLDING CHAIRS –Folding chairs are not permitted in the grandstands or anywhere in the seating bowl.  

FOOD – Guests may bring food into the gates in a cooler 14” or smaller.  In addition, water and soda in plastic bottles or aluminum cans are also permitted.  Glass is not permitted.  Coolers are subject to inspection.


GATE TIMES – Gate times for the various events are specified on the event page, which is located on the left side of the home page.  

GENERAL ADMISSION PARKING – For our larger events, (Cavalcade of Stars, NHRA National Event, Blue Suede Cruise, Fun Ford Reloaded, Monster Mopar, Night Under Fire, Pontiac Nationals, NMCA, Shakedown at the Summit and the Halloween Classic,  general admission parking is located off State Route 18.  If traveling west bound, you will enter Wilson’s Lot (north side of State Route 18).  If traveling east bound, you may be directed to enter into Linder’s Lot (south side of State Route 18) and will cross State Route 18 at the designated location.  The path will take you to the Ticket Plaza Entrance (Gate C).  General admission parking is FREE!  If you paid to park and you are not inside the park, you are not on Summit Motorsports Park property!  

GENERATORS – Generators are permitted in the racer pit areas, trackside electric and non-electric motorhomes and in Scotty’s campground.  Generators are not permitted in family camping.  

GLASS CONTAINERS – Glass containers of any kind are not permitted on Summit Motorsports Park grounds.  Broken glass does a terrible number on rubber tires!


  • When entering the grandstands, please have your ticket available and ready to show to an usher.  
  • Fans may not stand in aisles, on stairways, landings, ADA ramps and especially in front of wheelchairs.
  • People taking pictures can do so but must immediately return to their seat so as to not block the vision of others.
  • Coolers in the stands are limited to 14” and must be placed under the seats.  Again, glass bottles are not permitted within the park.
  • Umbrellas/tents/obstructions – items that would obstruct other guests view are prohibited.
  • Seat cushions, bleacher seats are permitted, but cannot exceed 18”.
  • Due to recent fire and safety concerns, lawn chairs and/or seating alternatives to bleachers is no longer permitted in the grandstands or anywhere in the seating bowl.
  • Animals are not permitted in the grandstands, with the exception of “ADA Service Animals”.  For their safety and others, animals must remain either in your pit area or campsite and we highly recommend animals should be on a leash. 
  • Please refer to the “Guest Code of Conduct”.

– Tickets for groups of 50 or more are available.  Contact Bobbie Bader at 419-668-5555 x240 for details.


ICE – Guests can purchase ice at the Throttle Town Grill (east side), Junction Concession stand (west side) and at Scotty’s campground from the campground managers.

ICE CREAM – Do you really sell a pound of ice cream for a dollar?  Absolutely!  This tradition was started many...many...many years ago.  Race fans from all over the world have heard of this tradition and do not mind waiting in the long line to be served this delicious sweet treat!  When you get a pound of Velvet Ice Cream, for just a $1.00 it is well worth the wait!  In 2015, over 50,000 pounds of the delectable stuff was consumed!

The Ice Cream Saloon is located on the Budweiser (East) side of the track.  Open times vary from event to event, but generally the stand is open by 5pm weekdays and 11am on the weekends.


LED BULBS – NHRA-Sanctioned LED bulbs are used on our ‘Christmas Tree’ and have been since the start of our 2005 racing season.  

LINDER’S LOT – Linder’s Lot is a holding area where we line up rigs who arrive early for special events, such as Cavalcade of Stars, No Box Bonanza, The NHRA National Event, Fun Ford Reload, Monster Mopar Weekend, Pontiac Nationals, Night Under Fire, NMCA, Ten Grand and Shakedown at the Summit.  To ensure participants are handled quickly, efficiently, and with as little difficulty as possible, we employ a system where each rig in line is given a ticket with a number.  When our gates are scheduled to be open, those tickets are taken in number order when credentialing, and the lot is released in that same order- giving everyone the equal opportunity that if you arrived first, you will have your first choice at a spot.
LOST AND FOUND – Lost and found is located at Guest Services on either side of the track.  


MEDIA CREDENTIALS – Any news/magazine media outlet requesting photo and media center access must contact Mary Lendzion (Public Relations/Media) at 313-686-0776 for credentials prior to the event.

MISSED CLASS CALLS – Make-up runs are not permitted.  This is the main reason it is imperative that you listen closely to the PA announcer.  If you miss your call during eliminations, you will not be permitted another run.  We have turned a few disgruntled drivers away – but are sure they never missed another one!  Our PA is broadcast on FM 88.5 for your convenience.  

MOTORCYCLE PARKING – We have an area in Wilson’s Lot for motorcycle parking.  A parking attendant will direct you to the location.  Planking is provided for more stability.

MOTORHOME DAY PARKING – For day parking only, we have an area separate from general parking, that will accommodate buses, vehicles pulling small trailers and motorhomes.  Our parking lots are all grass lots.  If we have a weather situation we will make adjustment to the parking areas.  We do not have the ability to park tractor-trailers.

MOTORHOME PUMP STATION – Our sanitation service, Kurtzman Sanitation, is on the property on most days of the larger events to accommodate pumping needs.  Check event page for scheduled times.   Click here for list of area pumping stations.

MULTI-DAY EVENTS – If your intensions are only to race one day (for example) the ACCEL Super Series, but there is another event being held the next day, you will need to leave when the competition is completed on that day.  Following competition, before the next event, we conduct a sweep of the pit area, inviting those who only have a one-day ticket to purchase the next day.  If they do not wish to stay, they will be asked to leave.  


NITRO ALLY – (NHRA National Event only) is located on the East (Budwesider) side of the race track, behind the Quarter Mile Clothing Store.  This is a collection of interactive displays, Nitro Mall, vendor booths, and the professional pit areas of drivers such as John Force, Tim Wilkerson, etc. are located.  


OFFICE HOURS – Regular business hours are Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Event day hours are extended on Wednesday and Fridays until 7 p.m.  Weekend hours vary by event.  
OVERNIGHT PARKING IN GENERAL ADMISSION PARKING LOTS – You may leave your vehicle in the lot overnight if necessary, however overnight camping in our lots is prohibited.  Please check with the ticket trailer or call prior to arrival to check availability of camping in one of our camping locations.


PAYOUT – Payout takes place on the east side of the race track in Budweiser Guest Services, which is located on the north end of the Quarter Mile Clothing Store.  We require some form of photo ID when you come to collect your winnings!

PREMIUM SEATING – Top Eliminator Club (Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals) or the John Force Winner’s Circle (Kelly Services Night Under Fire) is our premier race fan hospitality package.  Patrons will sit in first-class starting line seats; have access to a private hospitality chalet which includes complimentary snacks, drinks (water, soda and two adult beverages), sit down meals, access to a private patio viewing area and private restrooms.  Each ticket also includes a special collector goodie bag containing premium event souvenirs and access into the pit areas to witness all the “behind the scene” activities!  For more details, visit the event pages for the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA National Event or the Kelly Services Night Under Fire.

PETS – We welcome your pets!  But we recommend you put them on a leash and we do ask that you clean up after them!  Animals are not permitted in the grandstands.

PIT ACCESS – Every ticket will allow a guest to visit both sides of the race track, including the racer pit areas.  This is the only motorsports venue that allows a guest to enter the racers “locker room” to see the teams working on their race vehicles.  However, one can only sit in the seat in which they purchased.

PIT VEHICLES – Only individuals ages sixteen (16) years and older with a valid driver license are permitted to operate a vehicle of any kind on the track property.  The speed limit throughout the park is 10 m.p.h.  All vehicles MUST HAVE functioning headlight and taillight from dusk through dawn.  Flashlights do not qualify as a legal headlight or taillight.
Beginning one (1) hour after racing ends, all motorized vehicles will be parked and foot traffic only is permitted. Racers may be held accountable for the conduct of their crew, per the NHRA Rulebook.  

PLAYGROUND – We pride ourselves in being family friendly- and therefore kid-friendly as well.  Summit Motorsports Park has a creative playground adjacent to the staging lanes on the East side of the race track, under the Motz Grandstands.  

POLKA MUSIC – Do you really play Polka Music?  Why of course, it’s a Summit Motorsports Park Tradition!  (But not all day long!)

PROPOSALS – Are you thinking of proposing to your sweetheart at Summit Motorsports Park?  If so, contact Yvonne Livengood at 419-668-5555 x457.  

PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEM – Summit Motorsports Park park public address system is utilized to entertain and inform.  Birthday and wedding anniversaries wishes are welcome and will be announced when appropriate.  Such requests can be made at either guest service locations, which will then be forwarded to Race Control.
Requests to page a party member will only be honored when a situation has been confirmed to be of an extreme medical emergency or if a minor has been lost or found.   (We recommend all parents take advantage of our ‘Tag-A-Child’ program.)    


QUARTER-MILE CLOTHING STORE – Our premier souvenir shop is located on the Budweiser (East) side of the track on the north side of the Ice Cream Saloon.  Event and track merchandise, including clothing, glassware, and unique racing gifts can be purchased.

QUIET TIME - The Family Campground is reserved for families with children and everyone is required to behave accordingly.  Quiet hours will be strictly enforced between 11pm and 7am.


RACER ENTRANCE – When Linder’s lot is not being utilized, the racer entrance is located off State Route 601 (Budweiser Gate) on the East side of the track.   

RACING FUEL – We sell Sunoco Blue 110 leaded and Sunoco purple 112 leaded.  We also sell methanol (straight alcohol).  Prices can change without notice, please contact the track for updated pricing.

RACER REGISTRATION – When we do not utilize Linder’s Lot, racers will proceed to the Budweiser Gate (off State Route 601), and stop where the Officials are set-up to sell racer credentials.

RADIO STATION – We broadcast on 88.5 FM

RAIN POLICY – Drag Racing is a sport that relies on a dry racing surface for competition.  To combat precipitation on the drag strip, Summit Motorsports Park uses a combination of at least five machines, including a state of the art Jet Engine to dry the track.  President Bill Bader, Jr., is persistent at track drying, and will make every effort possible to dry the surface following a rain delay.  Sometimes, though, Mother Nature prevents a race from completing.  If an event is cancelled due to inclement weather, the promoter of the race, i.e., Summit Motorsports Park, NHRA, Tri-Power Pontiac or NMCA, etc. will make the call regarding rain checks- and only at the time of cancellation.  We will not speculate or predict what will happen if a race is cancelled.  We are optimists!! Every race will be run to completion!

RED KEY/GOLD KEY (NHRA National Event only) is located off State Route 601 and a permit to park in this lot is required.  Red Key/Gold Key passes are issued only by NHRA.

RE-ENTRY – Guests needing to exit and re-enter Summit Motorsports Park must take their credentials with them and have their hands stamped before exiting the park.  When re-entering guest(s)must show ticket and their hand stamp to re-enter.  

RE-SALE OF TICKETS/SCALPING – The resale of tickets at any price is prohibited in or around Summit Motorsports Park.  Violators will be prosecuted.  

RESERVE SEAT vs GENERAL ADMISSION SEAT – Reserved seats differ from General Admission seating (GA) or Standing Room Only (SRO) in that one MUST have a ticket designating a specific seat to sit in the reserved stands.  Reserved seat ticket means that seat is ‘yours’ for the entire day.  

Reserved seats are sold for the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals and the Kelly Services Night Under Fire.  Customers that have purchased a general admission or “Standing Room” only ticket do not have a seat and are welcome to stand along the fence line next to the track (not in the stands) or they can sit in the Thomas Grandstands on the Summit (West) side, the Bud Grandstands 4 (4-A, B and C); 5 (5-A, B and C), or the “Creature” Bleachers located on the Budweiser (East) side of the track just north of the scoreboards.

Wheelchair seating is available on both sides of the track.  Wheelchair bound guests and companions can reserve space and a seat (subject to availability).  It is highly recommended to purchase these spaces/seats in advance, by contacting the office (Mon-Fri 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

RESTRICTED AREAS – Only track staff, racers and crew members with proper credentials will be admitted into the restricted areas around the drag strip.  Individuals having the proper credentials must be alert at all times and stand in the appropriate areas.  
Individuals not having the proper credentials must watch the racing from either in the grandstands or behind the fenced areas, at ground level, in front of the grandstands.   

REST ROOMS/PORT-A-JOHNS – Full service restroom and showers are located on the East side of the track, and are staffed as long as we are open and competition is underway.  Shower tickets can only be purchased at the Throttle Town Grill Concession stand.  Port-a-johns are located at certain points throughout out the property for your more “immediate” needs.  
We have permanent restrooms on the Budweiser (East) side, which are wheelchair accessible.  On the Summit (West) side, wheelchair accessible port-a-johns are located under the Summit grandstands.

RUN ORDER FOR ACCEL SUPER SERIES SATURDAY POINTS MEET - run order is subject to change due to track conditions, weather, delays, etc.  The day begins with our junior dragster program and the run order is Advanced, Intermediate and Novice.  The adult program begins at noon with the following run order: Pro, Super Bike, Super Pro, Sportsman, Stock and NHRA Jr Street.


SEAT NUMBERING SYSTEM – When standing at the bottom of your section, looking up, seats are numbered lowest to highest (starting line to finish line).  From the top of the grandstand working down, start either with A or C, depending on the section. 

SHIPPING PARTS – Racers on occasion need to have parts shipped to our track.  You may do so, but also include your name in the shipping to address, so we know whom the package will belong to.  It is also recommended that you let us know in advance (419-668-5555) so we can be on the look out for the package.  The address to ship the parts to is 1300 State Route 18, Norwalk OH 44857.    

SHOWERS – Permanent showers and restroom facilities located on the Budweiser (East) side of the race track.  You are asked to purchase a shower ticket at the Throttle Town Grill concession stand.

For the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals, portable showers are located on the north side of the Family Campground, Summit (west) side and Scotty’s Campground (outside the park off Wilson’s Driveway).  Guests can pay the attendants directly at these two facilities.

SHUTTLE SERVICES FOR SPECIAL NEEDS GUESTS – At select events, shuttles will be running that will take guests to various places on both sides of the racetrack.  Look for the Shuttle Stop signs.

SMOKING – Smoking is permitted in the open areas of the campus.  Smoking (including e-cigarettes and vapor cigarettes) is not permitted in our restrooms, permanent buildings or in the seating bowl.  

SPECTATOR ENTRANCE – For our large events, where guests have parked outside the park, is located at Gate C, off of Wilson’s general admission parking lot.  Gate closes one hour after racing has been completed.

STAGING BEFORE GATES OPEN - We do not recommend anyone sitting along the highway waiting for our gates to open.  The Highway Patrol has issued Summit Motorsports Park several warnings that if they encounter rigs lined up along the highway, they will issue tickets.  They installed signs all Route 18 and Route 601 proclaiming the area as a “no parking” zone.  They will (and have!) issued tickets to rigs waiting to get in.  Our suggestion is to arrive only at the scheduled time to open.  

STAKING POLICY – In 2007, we completed a $7million dollar expansion project, which included paving approximately 25 acres of pit parking.  We thank you in advance for NOT staking in our asphalt.  This will help preserve the life of our asphalt area, so that you may continue to enjoy the grounds for years to come.  Use water or concrete barrels when necessary.  A $100 fine per stake will be issued to any offender.  We also request that you put blocks under all jacks and leveling feet.  


TAG-A-CHILD – Tag-a-Child is a service provided by Guest Services on either side of the track.  Children can be issued a wristband with their seat/section number and emergency phone number on it to be used in the event the child becomes separated from his/her parent.  

TAILGATING – Guests can tailgate in their parking space in the general admission parking areas.  If their row is full, they can put up a 10’ x 10’ canopy to provide shade while eating; however, it cannot block the aisle.  The canopy must be taken down when guest(s) return to the park.  Guess are expected to pick up all of their trash and make sure not to dump hot ashes onto the ground.

TECHNICAL INSPECTION – Each vehicle that races at Summit Motorsports Park must go through a technical inspection.  After review, they will receive a tech sticker good for six months.  Our inspections are thorough and complete, and we maintain safety is our number one priority.  

TICKETS – Tickets can be purchased in advance either via phone at 419-668-5555 during business hours (M-F 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.) or online.  IF purchasing online, select the event page on the main page, and look for the ticket icon just below the event banner.  

TIME TRIALS – Time trials are subject to change depending on the number of participants.  Our suggestion is to be here on time so you can get as many as possible!  If you arrive late, it is possible you may not get a time trial before eliminations.  



WIFI – we do not offer WIFI at our facility

WILL CALL – Will Call is located at the entrance to Gate C, which is the spectator entrance located on the west side of the track, off Wilson’s parking lot.  It is open during scheduled gate hours.  

Summit Racing Junior Dragster Shootout at Night Under Fire

Summit Racing Equipment is rewarding the ‘best of the best’ in Bear Motorsports Junior Dragster presented by Wiseco by creating the opportunity to compete in an elite shootout called the ‘Summit Racing Junior Dragster Shootout At Night Under Fire’.

The ‘Top 8’ in points as of August 1, 2016 in each of the three Junior Dragster classes (Advanced, Intermediate and Novice) will be eligible to compete during the Kelly Services Night Under Fire, in the prestigious "Summit Racing Junior Dragster Shootout at Night Under Fire".

Each class will race for the following prize package: Winner to receive $1,000 ($500 Cash & $500 Summit Racing Equipment Gift Card & 'big check') + Trophy; Runner-Up to receive $500 ($250 Cash & $250 Summit Racing Gift Card), Semi-Finalists to receive $200 ($100 Cash & $100 Summit Racing Gift Card).  Even first round losers will not go home empty handed, as Summit Racing Equipment is awarding them with a $50 Summit Racing Equipment gift card! 

“We are very excited that Summit Racing Equipment is providing this elite opportunity for our young drivers during the Kelly Services Night Under Fire, said Bill Bader Jr.  “This is a big deal for the select few that earn the right to race in front of such a large crowd and at an event with such a storied history”.

ACCEL Performance Group $53,000+ up for grabs plus additional programs for Finish Line Club Members!
Join now and earn points towards one of the the largest year end sportsman points funds in existence and qualify to participate in seven different additional programs.  For more information, fees and racing schedule click here.

2016 FINISH LINE CLUB (Join for $65 and start enjoying these benefits!)
Even though it is not necessary to join points to compete, here is why you should Join the most prestigious Finish Line Club in the country. For only $65, start earning points to win a share of nearly $500,000 in cash and prizes! This is the largest Points Fund in Sportsman Racing History!

Join the 2016 Finish Line Club (FLC) for just $65!  Between the ACCEL Performance Group $53,100+ year end bonuses and the seven additional racing programs FLC racers can participate in, there is nearly $500,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs!  This is the largest Points Fund in Sportsman Racing History!   For more details about the ACCEL Performance Group Points program, the Finish Line Club and the additional racing programs available to points racers click here.  

There are nearly $500,000 worth of reasons why you should join our Finish Line Club!  For just $65, racers can start earning points to compete in the ACCEL Performance Group $53,100+ points fund and has an opportunity to participate in seven additional racing programs.  Making this the largest Points Fund in Sportsman Racing History!  For more details about the ACCEL Performance Group Points Program and all the benefits of joining the Finish Line Club (FLC), click here.

The Trick Flow Specialties “Ultimate Performer”

The Trick Flow Specialties “Ultimate Performer”

The Trick Flow Ultimate Performer will showcase racers that use either Trick Flow cylinder heads and/or intake manifold. This special race to be run at the 2016 Halloween Classic; entry is free!  (Note racers do NOT need to be a member of the Finish Line Club to participate in this program!)

The Winner will receive $500 dollars in cash & $500 dollar Summit Racing Gift Card. The Runner-Up will receive $250 dollars in cash & $250 dollar Summit Racing Gift Card. Each Semi-Finalist will receive $100 dollars in cash & $100 dollar Summit Racing Gift Card. As a special “double-up” bonus, should the winner of the Trick Flow Ultimate Performer also win their class at the Halloween Classic, they will win an additional $500 in cash & $500 Summit Racing Gift Card.

Delivered on Time by TFC Transportation Bonus

Another great benefit for Finish Line Club Members!

Delivered on time by TFC Transportation Bonus
The TFC Transportation “Delivered on Time” Bonus program just got even sweeter for racers who have joined the Finish Line Club (FLC) in Quick Time Super Pro, Lakewood Pro, ACCEL Sportsman Delivered on Time by TFC Transporation and Wiseco/Cycle Tech Super Bike.  The minimum amount a driver can win at any given time for having a “Perfect Run” will always be $500!  And the losing driver goes home with $100 cash in his wallet as a consolation prize!   

A perfect run is defined as having a perfect reaction time (0.000) then finishing the race by running ‘Dead-On’ his/her dial-in with a zero.

The purse will start at $500 and will remain that amount for the first five races (April 23rd through May 28th).  Beginning with the 6th points race of the season (June 18th), the bonus will increase by $100 each week through the end of the season (6th race = $600, 7th race = $700, etc.). 

When a racer does capture that “Perfect Run Money”, TFC will add $400 to the next race so the minimum balance will always be $500.  As usual, any money not awarded will be added to the final points fund for each class.

Who will capture a Perfect Run during the 2016 season? 

Download the application to join the Finish Line Club!


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