Quick Time Super Pro

If you can still hear your heart beat after a 180 mile an hoRandy Scheuer Jr Repeat Quick Time 2014 Super Pro Championur drag race, that’s because your heart is in your throat. Experience the unique thrill of a handicapped start that divides drivers by a hundredth of a second, and a finish that sometimes divides them by a thousandth? Are you ready to rock?

Summit Motorsports Park is generous in its payouts, giving back round money, and cash to all who qualify
in their finish!

Winner + Contingency!     $1,100
Runner-Up     $   500
Semi's $   125
Quarters $     75
1st Round Win $       5
Other Round Wins $     10

ACCEL Performance Group $53,000+ up for grabs for Finish Line Club Members!
Join now and earn points towards one of the the largest year end sportsman points funds in existence.  For more information, fees and racing schedule click here. 


  • Time break: 7.00 - 11.99
  • Data recorders permitted!
  • CrossTalk will be utilized!
  • Delay Boxes permitted!
  • Throttle Stops & air throttles are permitted only as a starting line launch control and NOT as a "downtrack" throttle stop. Orifice control blocks in the pneumatic lines are permitted as long as the throttle moves to wide open, without hesitation,upon launch of the vehicle. A fixed mechanical throttle stop that cannot be adjusted or overridden, while the car is in motion, is allowed in all classes.
  • Nitrous timers are permitted!
  • Trans Brakes, 2-Steps, Line Locks and air/electric shifters are permitted!
  • No bikes!

Questions or comments contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or (419) 668-5555.

Quick Time Super Pro Point Standings September 26 2015


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